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A Formal Apology Retracted

A Formal Apology Retracted
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After issuing my former (now removed, sorry if you missed it) apology, a good mate of mine emailed me and reminded me of Rule Number 1: Never Apologize. Ever. For Anything.

His exact words were as follows, and I quote because I can’t say it better myself:
“I was there when you got back from SA, I saw how it affected you. This is your therapy, it's your way of dealing with it, and you deserve that. If you apologize it's like saying that what happened to you was fair and that you are wrong to be angry. It might not be the way everyone would deal with it, but if you want to be an artist you gonna have to deal with pissing people off. I'm pretty sure when Damien Hirst chopped cows heads off and put them on display it pissed some people off. I'm pretty sure Marilyn Manson pissed loads of people off. If you can't take the heat... get out of the kitchen”

God, how true that rang, and all of my reasons for this project came flooding back. Thank you so much to that dude for showing me the light. I now happily retract everything I said previously. If I offended you: Fuck You. You don’t deserve Rock ‘N Roll.

Anyways, the main point still stands, and I am proud to announce that the third song has been launched, and it’s probably the most offensive of them all so far. And although I think opinion will be divided, this is my favourite track. I have never rapped so fast in my life and for that reason I feel I cover some important topics, such as virginity, orgasms and regret. In fact, the song is called And As Soon As I Ejaculated I Knew That I Had Made A Mistake which I think sums it up nicely.

As per usual, this release unlocks another section, this time the Album Artwork for you to download and almost complete building your own free copy of the EP. And like most album covers, this includes the credits of people who I think deserve thanks and praise in context of this EP. If you think you are on there, you might just be! Although, let’s be honest, you’re not.

Next week is the launch of the final song from these four! And you won’t believe how it ends! I mean, you might actually, but you should watch it anyway. If you are worried you will forget, just follow me on Twitter; join the facebook group; join the mailing list; or just click any of the fucking links to the right.

See you then.


Hey man, my grandmother raps better than you.

I like that saying though - If you can't take the heat then stay outta the kitchen.

Listen to the friend that told you that.

By Daniel (not verified)

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